I bow before the noblest of sages, Patanjali,
who brought serenity of mind by his work on Yoga

-  B.K.S Iyengar  



I love celebrating small achievements with my clients. Read their testimonials below.

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Linda is a like the best yoga salad you have ever had. The base is her own yoga practice for 25+ years. The protein is the traditional philosophy and asana instruction. The toppings are the endless adaptions for the asanas. The dressing is the infusion of knowledge from being a Yoga Therapist. If that’s not enough the something extra is Soma Yoga! Shake it up andenjoy the best personal yoga practice and training you will ever need.
— Jenny Bermingham, CYT 500

SomaYoga brings together the best of two modalities. The result is a more effective approach for guiding and addressing an individual’s specific challenges to movement and muscular-skeletal concerns. Soma Yoga is what ‘wholeness’ is all about.  Linda Troutman is a master teacher of yoga and somatics (very rare), and has brought these worlds together. She is a very positive and passionate person. I wholeheartedly endorse Linda and her organization. She has helped me, and can help the experienced practitioner and those who are just starting out in a Yoga class.
— Ed Hoff, Frankfort

Linda is exceptionally skilled at making yoga safe and accessible for every student.
— C.M., Elmhurst

I’m not sick. I’m not old. I am a vibrant 71 year old active woman, and Linda inspires me to move with mindful grace, strength, body awareness and ease. under her watchful eyes and remarkable leadership,  I am challenged and rewarded with increased flexibility and a calm, connected body/mind/spirit.  I count Linda and the practice of yoga as a couple of the great blessings in my life!
— P.B., Western Springs IL

Linda’s passion for teaching yoga carries over to all areas of her instruction.   She explains the benefits of each pose and walks through the class making certain each individual is doing the pose correctly.  Her yoga has given me flexibility, and I’ll never give it up! 
— Carol B., Elmhurst

After years of physical therapy and a host of different doctors, I finally found someone who addressed my issues and really helped ease my pain!  Linda is enthusiastic and makes the practice of yoga challenging yet fun for anyone at any level!
— V. Stewart, Elmhurst

I have practiced with Linda Troutman for many years. She has an uncanny ability to know what you need on any given day. She has helped me through some very trying times both on a physical and mental level. On most days I appreciate the challenge she provides, however she also can sense when I am wrung out and she has a answer for that as well. As a woman approaching 60, I am very conscious about my ability to maintain strength and balance without damaging my joints. Linda ensures a safe practice while allowing me to accomplish these goals. Because she is always learning herself, Linda is able to bring new techniques to the practice which I have benefited greatly from. I truly cannot say enough positive things about Linda Troutman as a teacher and as a caring, quality individual.
— C. Rowe, Elmhurst

Linda is a fabulous and fun-loving teacher and her therapeutic approach to yoga is truly groundbreaking.  She shows an unsurpassed dedication to her students, and her commitment to continually educating herself keeps her at the forefront of this much needed area of yoga.  Her wonderful contribution to the practice insures no one is left behind and truly demonstrates how yoga is for everyone.  She meets you where you are and safely moves you forward, improving your body’s ability to meet life’s daily demands and feel good physically.  Yoga has personally transformed my body physically.  My lower back pain has been completely alleviated and managable through the practice of yoga thanks to Linda and her fellow instructors at Prairie Yoga.  Even more importantly, yoga has transformed my thinking and my happiness through the very sacred and personally spiritual aspect that naturally arises during the practice.  I feel honored and thankful to have Linda a part of my journey.
— Kris Graham, 200 CYT, Personal Trainer