Attend the breath
Let the rhythm slow and settle
Allow the breath to be like an ocean wave  
Gently rolling in and gently rolling out
On the inhale bring in what you need
On the exhale, surrender and let go of what does not serve


Group Yoga Classes

Linda teaches weekly breath-centered, hatha yoga classes in yoga studio settings. Support is offered so that the postures and the practice can be adapted to your therapeutic needs. All classes include time for movement (asana), breathing practices (praṇayama) and meditation.


Therapeutic Classes with Yoga & Somatics

On-going, Drop-in Classes

For all ages and abilities, including those who are recovering from injury, chronic conditions, or any other issue that needs special attention.

This class blends therapeutic application of yoga with an extensive use of props and gentle somatic movements to re-educate and release habitual movement patterns based upon the work of Thomas Hanna. 

Class starts with breath awareness, proceeds to gentle movements that create space in the spine and then focuses on creating better movement patterns in the hips, shoulders and other parts of the body. 

Each class encourages you to work within your capacity and is be adapted (with input from the student and observation of the instructor as to chronic patterns of stress) for the needs of those who attend. Give yourself this time to focus on healing your body, mind and spirit.


Multi-Style Yoga 1-2

On-going, Drop-in Class

This multi-style class is for experienced beginners and intermediate students looking to build strength and flexibility and improve their overall well-being. A wide variety of yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques are taught. Linda will give options and provide guidance so that all students can participate safely.

This is a great umbrella term to describe a class which combines knowledge of poses, anatomy, breath, therapeutic applications and somatic movements to help each student discover more stability and ease.   Poses are broken down into bite size pieces and then each student is encouraged to progressively challenge the movement pattern as they integrate those pieces into classical asana.  The class is challenging because it requires that each student stay aware, move slowly with stability and gradually challenge the pattern to increase strength and stability. The instructor focuses on each student with personal attention and cues for alignment and uses props and adaptations to support each student.  This class is perfect for a student of all abilities, as well as teachers that would like to fine tune their movement patterns. 

Class is taught on Mondays 9:30–10:45am at Prairie Yoga. 


Therapeutic class - Focus on releasing tight/weak muscles for better posture & functional movement with ease

On-going, Drop-in Class

This is a therapeutic class that focuses on releasing tight hips, lower back and shoulder muscles, common areas of difficulty for students who sit and or use the computer as part of their work. The class also includes the classical poses and many adaptations or variations of those poses to support students of all abilities. Each class starts with breath awareness, moves toward opening the joints and increasing ROM (range of motion) for the major joints such as the hips. Then the class progresses to strengthen the legs, integrated core, upper back and shoulders for better postural alignment. In each class I pay attention to the alignment of postures to help students develop strength, balance, flexibility, and find the peace of mind that yoga promises to deliver.

Class is taught on Mondays 7:30 - 8:45pm at Ahimsa Yoga-Elmhurst South