Delve deeper into the teaching of Yoga

get to know why the body moves the way it does, why pranayama is so revered, & what the Bhagavad Gita really means

Prairie Yoga, the Midwest's premier yoga teacher training institute, offers a comprehensive yoga teacher training program designed to strengthen, expand, and refine your teaching and sequencing skills. Their 500 hour program gives you an extra 300 hours to dive deeper into philosophy, chakras and anatomy.
++PLUS, Linda has been a long-time senior faculty member with Prairie Yoga bringing her unique blend of yoga and somatics to her trainings.  

Linda is currently in charge of the modules and add-on programs found below. While tied to 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course, these modules/add-ons may be taken as continuing education without pursuing certification. Prerequisite: 200 hour yoga teacher training

2 Advanced YOGA TRAINING Courses





*500 Hour TT Adaptation: Common conditions and Special populations

One of the 4 Modules of the 500 Hour Advanced TT Certification
54 hours

Learn how to adapt and modify the practice for a wide variety of students and different health conditions such as low back and hip issues, seniors, cancer, scoliosis, depression, anxiety, pregnancy, and more. 

Build a private practice, become a specialized workshop presenter, and expand your teaching career.

This module is a comprehensive 50+ hour training which focuses on working with students with specific concerns.  In this module you will learn therapeutic applications and adaptations to work with students who have spine, hip and knee concerns.  You will also learn how to work with special populations such as athletes, students who are pregnant, seniors and students with cancer to name a few. You will learn skills to assess posture and build a sequence to work privately with students.  This class will enrich your skills to “see” your student so you can implement sequences and methods to support them where they are. 

If you did not take your 200 hour training with Prairie Yoga, we highly recommend (but don't require) that you take the Teaching Skills module prior to taking the Adaptation module.

Schedule Options

Summer/Fall 2020 at Prairie Yoga
5 weekends, Saturday–Sunday, 12:00–5:25 pm
Aug 8-9 • Sept 19-20 • Oct 10-11 • Nov 14-15 • Dec 12-13

Fall 2020 at Prairie Yoga
12 Tuesdays, 11:00 am–3:30 pm
Sep 15–Dec 1



the Art of Teaching Therapeutics

Required Add-On Class for the 500 Hour Advanced Certification
12 Contact hours

Through the prism of yoga, pure light breaks down into a tool kit of techniques to help the individual reach their optimum unfolding and maximum potential. In the normal course of life, it is inevitable that people get unexpected and unwanted initiations into a variety of bodily ailments. It is imperative for any skilled yoga teacher to be able to guide their student when these health problems, whether acute or chronic show up.

  • Awareness of the breath and centering

  • Yoga asana for stretching and strengthening key muscles

  • Therapeutic adaptations to address limitations or concerns

  • Simple anatomy to increase understanding of how the body moves

  • Techniques to reduce stress and increase relaxation

Sessions will focus on feet, posture and balance; knees, hips and low back; shoulders and neck; and restorative poses to relax and renew. We will cover the fundamentals of how to sequence classes to enable each student to reach their full potential.

This course is open to all teachers, trainees from all traditions. Required course for 500 hour certification. Counts as 12 hours of electives for 200 Hour Prairie Yoga trainees -

IAYT Approved course for Professional Development for Continuing Education


Saturday–Sunday, Sep 26-27, 2020

10:30 am -5:30 pm (1 hour meal break)
at Prairie Yoga, Lisle, IL